Lyme Disease

I am writing this information to you in the hope that it is an answer for you or someone that you know.  This information is about Lyme Disease.  It does not cover every issue or all of the science that is available but it covers the most basic data and it will cover information that will surprise you.  Please do me that favor of either keeping this for a rainy day or passing it along to someone who could use it.  Unless you have experienced Lyme Disease, you have no idea how much this information can help someone.

The following are points that you need to know:

1. Lyme Disease is affecting people at epidemic levels:  There are as many ‘whys’ to this as there are questions.  We as a human race are under a toxic load of stress both chemical and emotional.  The Borrelia bacteria like any organism is determined to survive.  It like anything else will take advantage of a stressed system.  For example, when I got bit by the spider that gave me the bacteria, I was in the process of taking my board exam for my Naturopathic Doctorate.

2. Borrelia is never alone:  The co-infections include: Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia.  The opportunistic infections (from viruses to mycoplasms) occur due to the immune dysfunction that occurs from the Borrelia and steroid use.

3. The Borrelia bacteria as well as its cohorts (Babesia, Bartonella, and Ehrlichia ) can be passed on to humans from the following: Spiders, ticks, fleas, flies, mosquitos, and through sexual contact.  

4. Treating the nervous system especially the autonomic nervous system is key:  The use of instrument based chiropractic care, cranial work, and myofascial release will allow the nervous system to function to its fullest.  Dr. Alexi Speranski proved (way back in 1943) that ‘’whatever chapter of pathology they (referring to symptoms) belong, however variable their course, the nervous system component remains from beginning to end the factor that determines their general state." 

5. The Lyme ‘Paradox’ causes confusion in the diagnosis as well as delays treatment:  There are multiple vectors that pass the bacteria, the ‘bulls eye lesion’ is not always present, basic blood tests are often false negative, and symptoms vary as much as people infected.

6. I can help you:  Who better to treat a person suffering with Lyme Disease than a person with direct personal experience?  Ladies and gentlemen, my face was PARALYZED on both sides.  People are not supposed to recover from bilateral Bell’s Palsy, I did.  I know this process on the personal level, the clinical level, as well as the academic level.  

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