Lyme Protocol Explained

There is a definite method behind my madness when it comes to any treatment that I recommend.  The Initial Lyme Protocol does fall into that category.  

The borrelia bacteria is a "smart" bug which wants to maintain its ‘life’ within the person. It actually hides itself from the immune system. The borrelia is neurotoxic and, in order to survive, clogs up the lymphatic system and causes the blood to thicken. This leads to poor blood flow through the liver and‘stickiness’ to the interstitial fluid. The interstitial fluid is the fluid that bathes and nourishes the tissue cells. It also picks up microorganisms, foreign particles, enzymes, proteins, and hormones for processing through the lymphatic system. In addition to the lymphatic system, borrelia prefers to travel through the collagen more than the blood. Lyme disease is a systemic infection and it can invade and damage any and all organs, glands, and systems of our body.

When the borrelia is being killed, it produces its own neurotoxin in defense. This subsequently clogs the blood, lymph, liver and colon which slow down the detoxification pathways.  As long as the patient is in treatment for Lyme, detoxification needs to be ongoing. 
The two primary pathways of detoxification are: 1) the colon which removes solid wastes and 2) the kidneys and bladder which removes liquid wastes.  These pathways have external elimination, those being feces and urine. The liver is also a primary detoxification organ for toxins, hormones, and protein and fat metabolism.  The pathway for water-soluble toxins is through the urine.  Hormones are excreted through bile in the GI tract.  The lungs and skin are the secondary pathways. The lungs outgas toxins from the bloodstream and the skin acts as an excretion pathway by erupting with pimples, pustules, abscesses or oozing sores in the attempt to remove toxins from the body.

From the above information (and all of the other data) we know that Borrelia is a neurotoxin, it hides from the immune system, it releases a neurotoxin when it starts to die, and it clogs the detoxification pathways.

Our Protocol does the following:

Smart Silver kills the bacteria.
The Series Remedies (Borrelia and Bartonella) and Bacteria Chord ‘expose’ the immune system to the immune system.  
Neuro Chord removes toxins from the nervous system
Floral synergy and Colo Chord restore gut function and removes toxins.
The Detox Protocol (six products) clears the kidney, liver, gut, lymphatic tissue, interstitial space, central and peripheral nervous system.  

This protocol works.  Will you need to continue the ‘fight’ after you have done it?  You bet, because that nasty little bacteria caused a lot of damage.  But you need to eliminate it first and then deal with the aftermath.  
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