Testing for Functional Metabolic Need

This is how I (Dr. Jaison Golojuh) analyze and establish the functional metabolic needs of the body.  The process is based on 12 years of study and research.  I am a science and physiology guy.  I like procedures and results that can be duplicated.  For example, a blood test is a blood test is a blood test.  The interpretation may differ but the numbers are what they are.  Also, the bioenergetical testing device that I utilize (the Biomeridian) is specifically designed to be reproducible from doctor to doctor.  Other bioenergetical testing methods, such as muscle testing, have very low intra-examiner reliability.  Muscle testing has merit, but there are too many variables that can interfere with an objective and repeatable outcome.  

So, this is it:
  1. I sit down and talk to you.  Novel concept, right?
  2. We decide on an initial test.  I can recommend up to 250 different blood tests, salivary tests, urine tests, stool tests, hair analysis, and/or pH test.
  3. We run an initial BioMeridian Exam.
  4. I analyze the results of the test in #2 and #3.
  5. I make diet, lifestyle, naturopathic, botanical, and/or nutritional recommendations.
  6. I utilize the BioMeridian to ‘follow’ the case over the next predetermined period of time.
  7. We repeat the test that we originally recommended in #2.
  8. We talk about those results and allow the objective data to lead us down the right path.
This process works no matter what health issue the patient presents, because it is not about what you call your health issue, it is about how your body is functioning.  We need to meet the needs of the body and allow it to heal.  

So, what does this cost?  Well, #1 is free and the rest will vary.  I always provide the details of the cost when we know what we are going to recommend.

*As a side note: This is the exact process I used for myself with my Lyme Disease.  

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