My Personal Story with Lymes

The first thing that you need to know about Lyme Disease, is that my wife and I are both Lyme cases.  I have a very personal relationship with this bacteria as well as the academic and clinical understanding.  I have been in your shoes and I can help you.
I was bit by a spider on June 10th 2011.  Yes a spider.  I began experiencing symptoms within about two hours.  Severe body pain (a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale), overwhelming fatigue, fever, and chills.  I thought I had a severe flu.  Within several days I could not make it up the stairs.  I was suffering with headaches, night sweats (like buckets), pain, facial paralysis (on both sides), fatigue, visual disturbances, and memory issues.  Three weeks onto this process, Karly and I decided to run a Lyme titer and it came back very positive for Lyme Disease.  I then went to see a medical doctor who made me feel like I was crazy for assuming these symptoms were related to Lyme Disease.  I had to take matters into my own hands.  I called a friend who is a medical doctor in Virginia and had him prescribe me an antibiotic.  I started taking over 40 different botanicals, nutritionals, and homeopathic products designed to defeat the bacteria and co-infections, boost the immune system, support the organs, nervous system, drain the lymphatic tissue, protect the gut, and heal this body.  

Karly is a chronic Lyme case.  During my acute symptoms, she remembered that when she was 18 years old she experienced very similar symptoms after a camping trip.  She ‘recovered’ but she always had strange chronic symptoms that drove me crazy because I could not fix her.  We decided to run a Lyme Test on her and we found that she was positive.  Karly’s symptoms (headache, fatigue, muscle pain) were very prevalent during times of stress.  The positive aspect about Karly’s case is that she was utilizing natural products all along so we did not have to fix the side effects of any medications.  We finally had a ‘target’.  

It was frightening and exciting at the same time.  Frightening because this is some nasty stuff but exciting to know that we could actually get after something.   Karly was a chronic case and I was acute case of Lyme Disease.  She and I have spent the last seven months of our lives healing and becoming experts in this disease process.  

I want to make something very clear.  If you were bitten by a tick, spider, or horse fly you probably have been exposed to Borelli and its cohorts.  The insect is a vector (a point of entry).  Can you pick out the clean ones?  

I also need you to understand in no uncertain terms: if the only thing that you take for Lyme Disease is an antibiotic you will suffer with it the rest of your life.   Antibiotics work by destroying the cell wall of the bacteria. After the initial kill off, the Borreli bacteria will respond by becoming cell wall deficient and hiding in a cyst formation.  This renders the antibiotic completely useless and at that point the side effects of continued antibiotic usage become a liability to the healthy bacteria in the gut and the immune system.  

Think about the process.  You may or may not know you have been exposed to borrelia and friends until you feel sick.  Remember, spiders, ticks, flies and mosquitos can carry it.  Also, the ‘bulls eye’ lesion only shows up about 40% of the time.  You go to your PCP and get a scrip for general antibiotic and because you are in so much pain they prescribe a steroid.  Please note that every expert in Lyme agrees that steroids are one of the worst things that you can take in a Lyme case.  This is because the steroid greatly reduces and weakens immune function.  As well as altering endocrine specifically adrenal function.  You already have a bacteria that is confusing the immune system, does it seem like a good idea to weaken the system even further?
You eventually get through the first stage of the process (see below) thinking that the medications ‘worked’.  However, the reality is that you simply drove the bacteria and co-infections deeper into the system.  Weird symptoms start to occur more and more, you take more medication, and you are fully on the merry go round.  

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