Laboratory Work: The Optimal Chemical Panel

The following are the tests that are included on the Optimal Chemical Panel.  This is the panel that I utilize to determine metabolic and physiological need in the body.  I belong to Professional Co-op Services, an independent company that alternative health doctors join to offer lab work to their patients for a fair cash price.  They utilize the Lab Corp system as their drawing station.  
My job is to determine the functional metabolic needs of the body.  In order to do that, I need information.  These chemistries provide a very good base of information.
Cost: $222.00
Test includes: Complete metabolic profile, CBC with a differential and platelet count, GGT, Iron, Lipid Panel, Magnesium, LDH, Phosphorus, Thyroid Panel, Uric acid and an urinalysis.  
How it works:

  1. Purchase the requisition from our office.
  2. Go to a Lab Corp near you for the blood draw.
  3. The report is e-mail to me.
  4. I analyze the data.
  5. We sit down and review the data.
The information is invaluable no matter what kind of case you may be or what symptoms you may be experiencing.  

*For my Lyme patients:
You know that you hold a special place in my heart because of my own experience with the lovely bacteria that causes all of these wonderful symptoms.  This information is necessary because borrelia and its friends cause so much damage to the body.  We need to see where you are on the level of physiological function.    
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