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Treating Children the Whole Health Way
Recently, Ella and I were walking into Target.  We were talking about school and out of the blue she asked if I could come and talk to her class about how to stay healthy.  I was pretty intrigued so I asked her why.  She told me that most of her classmates are ‘sick a lot’ (in her now perfect Pittsburgh accent) and that they need ‘adjusted, cranial work, good food and supplements.  Zari and I never get sick and that is what we do’.  She continued saying that she ‘felt really bad for the sick kids, they miss so much school, they are always coughing, I tell them what a good doctor you are, they just won’t come to see you.’ 
            I thanked my brilliant 4 and ½ year old for her support and I commended her for caring so much about others.  The thing is she is right.  Ella and Zari never get sick and you know what, Ella’s classmates do miss way more school than she does.  My children, one from China and the other from Ethiopia, had (and I think that you would agree) a start that would be considered much less than ideal.  They were both abandoned (Ella at birth, Zari at 2 months) and spent significant time in Third World institutional care.  Yet, my daughters are among the healthiest children you will ever meet.  They both sleep 12 hours per night and take naps, never had an ear infection, have never taken a prescription or over the counter medication, Ella has never complained about anything health related (aches, pains, headaches, etc.), their bowel movements are perfect, their appetites are great.  In short, theses are two healthy and happy kids. 
            Ella made me think about the why.  I am going to assume that everyone understands the necessity of a good whole food diet, nutritional supplements, and keeping processed foods out of the diet.  Ella and Zari eat very well.  We do not allow sugar, dyes, and artificial flavors (at least in what we can control.  They both take 6 Catalyn (a Standard Process whole food multi) and 4 fish oils per day.  During cold season I give them Echinacea Premium (a Mediherb product) and I utilize various homeopathic products.  If you would like to talk about this in detail please let me know.
However, the thing that I know you don’t understand at all is the role that chiropractic care plays in the overall health of a child.  I am going to provide you with the exact scientifically validated, anatomical and physiological processes that prove the necessity of the neurologically based chiropractic care. 
Mechanoreceptor input currents tell the brain the situation of the tissue throughout your body.  The barrage of full body Mechanoreceptor input to the brain and the currents of nociceptors (noxious or pain) input are normally balanced, and you experience well being. 
Upon injury, trauma or stress, tissues tie up to await healing which ties off currents of Mechanoreceptor input.  Widespread dysfunction is experienced because the balance is lost and the brain focuses too much attention on the nociceptors noxious input.  Even if you ‘feel’ it, it is much deeper neurologically than you can imagine.
Joint complex dysfunction occurs (a physical, emotional, or chemical trauma induces a joint misalignment).  This dysfunction causes an increase in nociceptive/noxious neurological inputs (information about the damage) that the body has to deal with. 
This input causes the following:  (I have a 30 page research article that supports this; I can print it for some light reading ;)

·      Cortisol release (stress hormone).
·      Increased perception of pain (other stimuli hurt more).
·      Increased alpha motor neuron activity (increases muscle tension).
·      Increased autonomic dysfunction (breathing, digestion, elimination, etc.)
·      Decreased immune function.
·      Cerebellar dysfunction (affects all levels of balance, motor movements, etc).
The cycle of bad input continues until something is done to stabilize the joint dysfunction and thus normalize the Mechanoreceptor input.  This is not a small thing.  Neurologically based chiropractic, specifically the Arthrostim instrument, in the right ‘hands’ will fix this bad input, thus fixing all of those issue listed above. 
This kind of injury and subsequent damage is not measurable by medical care.  They don’t have the tools or the knowledge to first diagnose this and secondly treat it.  So what they do is treat the symptoms of the dysfunction with drugs and surgery, all the while telling parents that people like me are crazy.
By no means or stretch of the imagination am I telling you not to utilized medical care.  However, I am telling you that your medical physician and pediatrician have little to no training in anything relating to natural healthcare.  There has been and continues to be a bias against the chiropractic profession.  Medical physicians do not hold the monopoly on all things health related.  They simply do not understand the information listed above and are not qualified to comment. 
I have the science, physiology, anatomy and two of the healthiest little kids out there to prove everything that I just wrote.  I would give my life for my children and I assume that every parent reading this would do the same.  No only have I learned this in the classroom, I have applied this in real life.  I was handed a very sick 15 month old child in China.  I had my knowledge, my hands, supplements, and lots of love.  Ella was the only child in China (out of 25) not to continue her current illness, take Tylenol, or be placed on an antibiotic.  Zari was the same.  This is the application of your craft in some of the worst conditions you could ever imagine.  This was the truest test of my art, science, and philosophy. 
A healthy child starts with a healthy nervous system.  Chiropractic is the only profession trained to detect and correct functional neurological disturbances.  As most of you know, I have kicked that training to higher levels.  
Children often complain of aches and pains that are regarded as ‘growing pains’ by the pediatric profession.  These complaints are actually signs of the neurological dysfunction note above.  Ear infections, multiple colds, missing a lot of school, difficulty sleeping, and multiple uses of antibiotics are all sure signs that the nervous system is not working as well as it should.
This is no ‘rack them and crack them care’.  This is sophisticated neurophysiological care that is so deeply healing and far reaching it takes on a miraculous nature.  Neurology, physiology, anatomy, and my daughters provide the only proof that anyone would ever need.
This is a lot more affordable that you think.  Remember, that we offer the Family Budget Plan. Ask us about the details.


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