From Our Nutritional and Chiropractic Patients
"In November 2009, after months of fatigue, headache and joint pain I was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease. My physician immediately put me on an antibiotic and I began to feel healthy again. Within a few weeks the symptoms returned. I went back to my physician who then put me on a steroid. The steroid did not help and the original symptoms persisted. The nagging headache was beginning to interfere with my daily activities. I decided to try a different doctor. I was then put on a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory drug. Both doctors insisted that the Lyme’s disease was gone and what I was feeling was not related to the Lyme’s disease even though I had the exact same symptoms.
I was referred to Dr. Jaison in February 2010. I contacted him and explained what had been going on over the past few months and he said he thought he could help me. I live out of state and he made arrangements to meet with me on a weekend when I was in town. At my appointment he did a series of tests (BioMeridian and Neuro Spinal Functional Index) on me to determine what parts of my body were affected by the Lyme’s disease. It turned out that the Lyme's had affected my central nervous system, which is why my symptoms would not go away. Dr. Jaison then determined which supplements I needed to take to get everything in proper working order. I began taking the supplements and within a week I could tell that I was feeling better. I felt less tired throughout the day and my mood improved dramatically. I can honestly say that I feel better right now than I have felt in months. I owe a great amount of thanks to Dr. Jaison and the time he put into my case."
-Melissa , 30
"Dr. Jaison,
While I was driving to work today I realized my energy level was better than it had been in awhile.  I recognize I need to talk to you sooner about changes in my energy, etc.  As usual, I dismissed the changes as getting older and I would need to get used to it.  I realize now, I am so wrong. 
I appreciate your constant interest in learning more and looking at different ways to treat your patients.  Everything you learned has definitely helped me.  I sometimes cringe when I think, what if I lived someplace else and didn’t have access to the way you treat your patients. 
Thanks for all you do!"

-Jane, 60
"On Nov. 6, 2009 I embarked on a journey that I thought would never end.  On that day I came home from baby sitting my grandchildren, and I told my wife that my back was a little stiff.  After going to bed that night, I awoke in about an hour in excruciating pain.  I have had many operations and suffered with pain before, but this pain was the worst that I had ever experienced.  It was so severe that by Sunday my wife had to take me to the emergency room because I needed relief from the extreme pain.  Over the next three months I went nowhere except doctors, hospitals, and therapists.  After going to a back and pain clinic and a neurologist who were not treating the problem (compressed discs from T11 down through the sacrum), I decided to go to see my chiropractor, Dr. Jaison Golojuh.  I was hesitant at first because I was in so much pain that it was difficult to do anything, but I had all of the confidence in the world that Dr. Golojuh could and would help me.  I started going to Dr. Golojuh for decompression treatments and in a couple of weeks my pain subsided significantly.  It has now been 41/2 months, and I'm nearly back to 100%.  I finally was able to drive again on March 1, 2010 thanks to Dr. Golojuh and his treatments.  It's a shame that medical doctors don't recognize the fact that chiropractors like Dr. Golojuh definitely have a place in the medical world.  Dr. Golojuh was the only one who recognized my problem and was able to help me.  Thank you Dr. Golojuh for your knowledge and patience with somebody that had many tests but no results.  After bone-scans, x-rays, MRI's, and spinal injections I can only thank you and your expertise for my wonderful healing process.  Thanks again!"
-Tom, 65
From Our Weight Loss Patients
My name is Marcia.  I started the HCG diet in September and lost 35 pounds.  Dr. J was great.   I feel like I have my life back.  After Christmas I start my second round so by April I will be at my goal weight!  I had more energy in just two days.  I feel great.
Jean gave me (Dr. J) permission to share her results (12/8/10):  69 year old female.  Started 11/3/10.  13 days to go.  Down 17.5 pounds, waist down 5 inches, body fat percentage down 4%, Body mass index down 3 points, feeling great, gastric reflux GONE!  Has not been hungry, actually enjoying the process.
Hi, I am Viloet and I lost 33 pounds and feel great.  If you have tried everything and it has failed.  I urge you to try this.  Dr. J is there for you and it works really well.
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